Weekly Meal Plan for September 27 – October 3, 2021

By 20 September, 2021 September 22nd, 2021 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee with milk. Toasts with tomato, oregano and virgin olive oil.Tea with milk. Serrano ham sandwich with virgin olive oil.Milk. Rusks with fresh cheese and virgin olive oil. Nectarine.Coffee. Fig bread.Coffee with milk. Muffin with sardines.Coffee. Almud‚var braid.Milk. Toast with butter and orange marmalade. Prickly pears.
Mid-morning snackPlain yogurt. Oatmeal. FigsPeach.Coffee with milk. Mini vegetable sandwich.Hazelnuts.Milk. Muesli. Grapes.Appetizer: steamed mussels.Appetizer: Almagro Eggplant hummus and chickpeas.
LunchCold mashed potato cake.
Pickled rabbit with carrot puree.
Gazpacho with pieces of tomato, pepper, onion and fried bread.
Broad beans stewed with squid.
Creamed spinach.
Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms with saut‚ed peppers.
Watermelon slices.
Baked artichoke.
Grilled hamburger with baked potatoes.
Cold carrot cream.
Noodle casserole.
Lentil salad with peach.
Fish shells au gratin with coleslaw.
Pomegranate with muscat.
Melon cream with pieces of Serrano ham.
Gilthead bream with salt with Proven‡al tomatoes.
Afternoon snackInfusion. Baked apple.Plain yogurt with blackberries.Hot sandwich with cooked ham and Nata de Cantabria cheese.Plums.Pistachios.Curd with honey.Casadielles. Watermelon.
DinnerGoat cheese gratin on roasted vegetables, plums and olive leaves.
Melva with onions.
Zucchini gratin with walnuts.
Couscous stewed with ratatouille and poached egg.
Grilled endives stuffed with salmon.
Clams with garlic and chard.
Watercress salad, dried cranberries, Feta cheese and apple vinaigrette.
Spinach and pine nut croquettes with tomato and sesame salad.
Leak gratinated.
Julienned green bean scramble with bread sticks.
Cream of mushroom soup.
Homemade 4 seasons pizza.
Plain yogurt with red berries.
Salad with plums, blue cheese and hazelnuts.
Cabbage omelette with carrot salad.