3 – 9 May 2021

By 26 April, 2021 April 28th, 2021 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee with milk. Toast with plum jam. Strawberries.Milk. Crackers with Majorcan cheese.Tea with milk. Bread with virgin olive oil. Orange.Coffee with milk. Fresh cheese and basil sandwich.Plain yogurt. Wholegrain melba toast with tuna and virgin olive oil.Coffee with milk. Ensaimada.Milk. Bread with chocolate, orange wedges and mint.
Mid-morning snackPlain yogurt. Walnuts.Mini lettuce and hummus sandwich.Toasted nuts.Granola bar with raisins and sunflower seeds.Croque Monsieur.Appetizer: smoked sardine skewer with dehydrated tomato.Appetizer: grilled razor clams.
LunchSoupy rice with clams.
Stewed chicken with artichokes.
Apple with orange.
Steamed broccoli.
Longfin tuna stew (Marmitako).
Stuffed mushrooms.
Garlic rabbit with potatoes.
Plain yogurt with blueberries.
Pea cream.
Hake meatballs stewed with chard.
Sliced orange with honey.
Noodle soup.
Riojan stew.
Spaghetti carbonara.
Baked rosemary chicken with green leafy mix.
Creamy yogurt with starwberries.
Puff pastry filled with seasonal vegetables.
Pork chops with baked apple.
Santiago cake.
Afternoon snackMilk. Corn cakes.Plain yogurt.Oats. Milk.Banana.Tea.Flan with whipped cream.Crep Suzette.
DinnerGrilled endive with blue cheese sauce.
Scrambled eggs with asparagus.
Garlic soup.
Spinach croquettes with lettuce.
Stewed cuttlefish.
Baked artichokes.
Grilled turkey breast fillets with glazed carrots.
Plain yogurt.
Red cabbage sauté with almonds and feta cheese.
Fried eggs with mashed potatoes.
Beetroot cream.
Toast with roasted peppers and garlic muslin.
Sauteed green beans with potato and onion.
Grilled red mullet with sauteed broccoli.
Plain yogurt with red berries.