29 March – 4 April 2021

By 22 March, 2021 March 30th, 2021 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee with milk. Toast with virgin olive oil, goat cheese and oregano. Grapefruit.Milk. Vegetable sandwich. Orange.Coffee with milk. Oatmeal. Tangerines.Tea. Wholegrain bread with virgin olive oil. Pear.Milk. "Pa torrat". Banana.Coffee with milk. Filloas.Mini chocolate fondue with seasonal fruit.
Mid-morning snackPlain yogurt. Almonds.Coffee with milk.Wholegrain toast with cod brandade.Coffee with milk. Mini tuna sandwich with dried tomato.Walnuts.Appetizer: mini cod fritters.Appetizer: Prawn omelette (from Huelva).
LunchGrilled seasonal vegetable skewers with pesto sauce.
Salmon with baked potatoes.
Apple with cinnamon.
Steamed borage with refried garlic.
Turkey breast strips stewed with artichokes.
Stewed peas.
Baked chicken legs with ratatouille.
Widowed potatoes (Riojan style).
Stewed ray with paprika and collard greens.
Good Friday mojete.
Vigil stew.
Fined roasted noodles.
Cod al pil pil.
Rice pudding.
Baked goat with applesauce.
French toast with vanilla ice cream.
Afternoon snackBread with chocolate.Plain yogurt.Apple.Milk with muesli.Melba toast with fresh cheese and basil.Baked pear.Fried milk.
DinnerCream of asparagus.
Hake omelette with grated carrot.
Grilled endvies with blue cheese sauce.
Sardines stuffed with mashed potatoes.
Creamed spinach.
Lenten wild scrambled eggs.
Goat cheese with honey.
Leeks a la vinaigrette.
Chicken meatballs with vegetables.
Orange slices with pine nuts.
Garlic soup.
Galician pie with lettuce.
Sauteed Brussels sprouts.
Vegetable omelette with bread and tomato.
Artichoke cream with scallops.
Toast with roasted vegetables and goat cheese au gratin.
Plain yogurt with kiwi.