14 – 20 September 2020

By 7 September, 2020 September 25th, 2020 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee with milk. Wholegrain melba toast with olive oil and salt.Milk. Toast with cream cheese and strawberry jam.Tea. Oatmeal with plain yogurt and melon.Coffee with milk. Garlic bread au gratin.Milk. Bread with chocolate. Watermelon.Milk. Homemade walnut and blueberry cake.Coffee with milk. Ensaimada.
Mid-morning snackPlain yogurt with hazelnut crocanti.Watermelon.Toast with Baba ghanoush.Vegetable sandwich.Breadsticks. Grapes.Appetizer: potato bomb and sobrasada.Appetizer: Grilled razor clams with pesto sauce.
LunchAjoblanco with melon.
Chicken meatballs stewed in almond sauce with mushrooms.
Coleslaw with mustard vinaigrette.
Fried egg with potatoes and Serrano ham.
Baked apple.
Potato salad with peppers and onions.
Pickeld melva with glazed carrots.
Beef heart tomato salad, Parmesan cheese shavings and walnuts.
Cachopo with chips.
Seasonal stew sauteed with paprika.
Grilled squid with garlic and parsley with rice and raisins.
Shrimp Cocktail.
Chickpea stew.
Sliced pears with pine nuts and caramel.
Macaroni with spinach cream au gratin.
Baked rosemary chicken with beets.
Figs in Port wine.
Afternoon snackBlue cheese sandwich with spinach.Baked apple.Anise cake.Honey cupcakes. Mint tea.Meringue milk.Lemon slushie.Ice cream with berries.
DinnerPumpkin and leek cream with croutons.
Sardine pie with lettuce.
Endives with cheese au gratin.
Pork loin with onion.
Vegetable Risotto.
Zucchini omelette with tomato salad.
Turnip cream.
Homemade viegetable pizza with egg.
Plain yogurt.
Fish soup with prawns.
Stewed rabbit with zucchini.
Plain yogurt with blackberries.
Green beans and potatoes sauteed with garlic.
Grilled trout with breaded leeks.
Flat peach.
Spanish potato omelette with grilled green peppers.
Plain yogurt.