13 – 19 July, 2020

By 6 July, 2020 July 14th, 2020 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee with milk. Wholegrain melba toast with orange marmalade.Milk. Toast with cream cheese and cooked ham.Tea. Muesli.Coffee with milk. Mini tomato sandwich with mojo. Peach.Milk. Muesli with dehydrated fruit.Milk. Homemade walnut cake. Watermelon.Coffee with milk. Neapolitan pastry. Peach.
Mid-morning snackGrilled vegetable and goat cheese sandwich.Plain yogurt. Oats. Hazelnuts.Breadsticks. Cherries.Muesli bar with raisins.Vegetable sandwich.Appetizer fried potatoes (bravas).Appetizer: mini anchovy cream tartlets.
LunchSautéed broad beans with onion, tomato and mint.
Grilled turkey breast with couscous and chopped almonds.
Seasonal vegetable stew.
Squid in its ink with rice.
Stewed macaroni with pumpkin.
Grilled chicken burger with cheese and lettuce.
Salmorejo with hardboiled egg and cured ham.
Salted pork loin with pear puree.
Prawn rice salad.
Baked bream with beets.
Chickpea puree with pita bread.
Baked rabbit with onion and dehydrated fruits.
Fruit skewer with meringue au gratin.
Sardine loins on baked potato strudel.
Frozen yogurt with blackberry jam.
Afternoon snackPlain yogurt with banana and honey.Diced watermelon.Sardine sandwich.Horchata.Bread with virgin olive oil and chocolate.Homemade red berry tart.Melon granita.
DinnerSalad with lettuce, peach, ricotta and raspberry vinaigrette.
Eggs with peppers and roasted potatoes.
Sauteed green beans with spring garlic.
Pork sausages braised in Port with mashed potatoes.
Warm cream of zucchini and blue cheese.
Salmon quiche with carrot salad.
Plain yogurt with red berries.
Battered eggplanted with honey.
Pepper omelette with cucumber and yogurt salad.
Tomato slices with tuna, onion and pistachio vinaigrette.
Cod croquettes with radish salad.
Flat peach.
Cold pumpkin cream with sunflower seeds.
Margarita pizza with quail eggs.
Sauteed chard.
Baked chicken drumstick with seasoned tomatoes.
Seasonal fruit salad.