10 – 16 Desember 2018

By 3 December, 2018 December 6th, 2018 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee with milk. Toast with creamy goat cheese and ham. Mango.Milk. Breakfast cereals.Milk. Melba toast with strawberry jam.Milk. Olive bread with tomato slices and virgin olive oil.Coffee with milk. Toast with cream cheese with walnuts.Homemade wholegrain cookies. Yogurt smoothie with pinaepple and grated coconut.Fresh pineapple juice. Ensaimada.
Mid-morning snackGranola bar. Fresh orange juice.Fresh pear shake.Lettuce, tomato and fresh cheese sandwich.Applesauce.Milk. Nuesli.Appetizer: vegetable crudités with sour cream sauce.Appetizer: variety of nuts, dried fruit and olives.
LunchChickpea soup.
Hake meatballs stewed with potatoes.
Green beans sauteed with seasonal mushrooms.
Stewed chicken breast with pepper sauce and breaded broccoli.
Pineapple carpaccio.
Tomato soup.
Rice soup with rabbit and artichokes.
Roasted red peppers with sliced almonds.
Grilled pork loin with mustard sauce and rice.
Stewed fava beans.
Vegetables and peas omelet with lettuce.
Migas with bacon.
Pickled tuna with onions.
Flambeed banana.
Spinach, goat cheese and honey crepe with zucchini slices.
Grilled duck breast with fig sauce.
Homemade custard.
Afternoon snackCottage cheese with pine nuts.Toast with quince jam.Multiseed bread with virgin olive oil.Mini calamari sandwich.Tea. Homemade sponge cake.Fresh fruit salad.Sliced apple with cinnamon.
DinnerSwiss chard with tender garlic.
Grilled turkey and cherry tomato skewers with couscous.
Custard apple.
Salad with cucumber, black olives, onion and feta cheese.
Salmon with vegetables a la papillote.
Cauliflower au gratin.
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and toast.
Banana with plain yogurt.
Cream of vegetables with croutons.
Baked gilthead with onion and parsley sauce.
Brussels sprouts sauteed with garlic.
Baked chicken drumsticks with carrots.
Plain yogurt with pumpkin seeds.
Puree of three colours (potato, sweet potato and beet), au gratin.
Homemade vegetable pizza.
Noodle soup.
Deviled egg with grated carrot.
Custard apple.

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