The FDM participates in the Interreg Med project “”

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The project faces the challenge of acting on those currently undeveloped opportunities of the Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet is an integral part of the Mediterranean identity, inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It includes a set of skills, knowledge, rituals, symbols and traditions related to cultures, landscape, lifestyle, traditional ways of working (farming, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, conservation, processing, cooking, exchange and food consumption) characterizing a traditional industry with great potential.

The project will use traditional and creative measures (as a shared economy) from the cooperation between the partners involved to raise the economy of the Mediterranean diet to new levels of quality. is carried out together with other countries in the Mediterranean basin. An initiative of the Campania Region, have involved institutions from the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Portugal. The participating institutions from Spain are the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Seville and PRODECA (Promoter of agro-food exports).

The first project meeting organized by the FDM and PRODECA, was held in April 2018 in the framework of the food and beverage fair, Alimentaria 2018, where all the partners participating in the project met and set the objectives to reach.  In September 2018, the first control meeting took place in Cilento, Italy, to follow up on the work carried out since the first meeting and the following steps were established.

During the days 7 and 8 February 2019, the FDM team will travel to Tirana, Albania, where the third project meeting will be held to share the work done by each partner and to specify the following items.

The main objective of is to strengthen the exploration of the Mediterranean Diet in accordance with the Convention of the Mediterranean Diet of UNESCO, which combines integral concepts with innovative tools.

The project seeks to promote the innovative capabilities of the Mediterranean region to ensure sustainable growth of the same, while promoting transnational activity between clusters and networks of key sectors of the Mediterranean area.

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