22 – 28 June 2020

By 15 June, 2020 June 18th, 2020 MENUS_EN

Menú elaborado para que puedas seguir la Dieta Mediterránea de una forma fácil y práctica, teniendo en cuenta los productos de temporada.

BreakfastCoffee. Toast with plum jam. Kiwi.Milk. Oats. Watermelon.Infusion. Mini tomato sandwich with cooked ham.Coffee with milk. Toast with virgin olive oil.Plain yogurt. Muesli.Milk. Ensaimada. Medlars.Thick hot chocolate with churros.
Mid-morning snackPlain yogurt. Walnuts.Mini vegetable sandwich.Nectarina.Tea. Homemade granola bar.Strawberries.Appetizer: mini goat cheese breaded lollipops with red berry jam.Appetizer: Steamed mussels with romesco sauce.
LunchBrothy rice with mussels.
Baked sardines with Provencal herbs and tomato salad.
Steamed broccoli with parmesan cream.
Banana slices with plain yogurt.
Zucchini stuffed with vegetables.
Stewed chicken meatballs with almond sauce.
Plain yogurt with raspberries.
Endives with cooked ham and cheese au gratin.
Cuttlefish and potato stew.
Riojan stew.
Fried egg with sautéed mushrooms with garlic and parlsey.
Wholegrain spaghetti sauteed with salmon.
Chicken and artichoke stew.
Plain yogurt ice cream.
Puff pastry stuffed with seaonsal vegetables.
Pork and onions stewed in mustard sauce.
Watermelon soup.
Afternoon snackMilk. Corn cakes.Wholegrain toast with fresh cheese, chopped hazelnuts and honey.Coca de San Juan.Toast with parmesan cheese, pine nuts and pesto sauce.Tea. Bread with chocolate.Cherry compote crepe.Baked stuffed peaches.
DinnerGreen beans sautéed with garlic.
Hard-boiled egg with ratatouille.
Peas and noodle soup.
Grilled red mullets with sautéed vegetables.
Pepper and onion omelette with carrot salad.
Cream of spinach.
Grilled rabbit with beetroot chips.
Swissh chard and Cabrales cheese puff pastry, au gratin.
Tuna turnovers with radish salad.
Baked beets with rosemary.
Roasted pepper toast with garlic muslin.
Boiled green beans and potatoes.
Breaded hake with mixed salad.
Plain yogurt.