August 19-25, 2013

BreakfastTea with milk. Teast with ham, cheese and virgin olive oil.Milk. Bread with chocolate spread.Banana milkshake. Mini ham sandwich with virgin olive oil.Café latte. Ensaïmada. Raspberry and orange juice.Milk with cocoa powder. Muesli.Café latte. Melba toast with tomato, cheese, oregano and virgin olive oil.Café latte. Toast with dulce de leche.
Mid-morning snackFresh peach juice.Mini sardines in virgin olive oil sandwich.Rice cakes. Apricots.Vegetable sandwich. Lemon smoothie.Café latte. Homemade apple and pine nut cake.Appetizer: cockles, olives and almonds.Appetizer: varied mini croquettes.
LunchSalad of thinly sliced raw zucchini and feta cheese, with honey.
Swordfish in tomato stew.
Lentil salad with mint.
Beer chicken with onions.
Saturn Peach.
Almond, grape and bread cream (Ajo blanco)
Hamburger with grilled green bell peppers.
Figs slices with custard.
Potato salad.
Grilled salmon wtih tartar sauce.
Tapioca pudding with chopped strawberries.
Macaroni with spinach au gratin.
Devilled eggs with pate on an endive salad.
Tomatoes stuffed with rice salad.
Scorpion fish pie with mesclun lettuce.
Cava Melon Balls.
Grilled vegetables with Romesco type sauce.
White bean stew with squid.
White chocolate cream with redcurrants.
Afternoon snackCereal bar.Plums.Fresh pineapple.Mint tea. Tea cakes.Tangerine sorbet.Apple crepes with caramel ice cream.Lemon slushie.
DinnerSteamed seasonal vegetables.
Scrambled egg with onion and thyme.
Slices of mango with yogurt mousse.
Chilled cream of avocado.
Baked hake with mayonnaise and mushrooms.
Homemade egg flan.
Green bean salad wtih tomatoes and grated onion.
Garlic omelette with carrot and celery salad.
Pear in syrup.
Grilled pumpkin slices with blue cheese sauce.
Cheese turnovers with a green salad.
Beet cream soup with croutons.
Tomato, cheese and basil pizza.
Watermelon slices.
Carrot and peach salad.
Grilled lamb chops with peas.
Mashed potatoes with tomato slices and mayonnaise.
Stuffed squid.